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You may have heard that TSheets, a leader in cloud-based time tracking apps, has been embedded in QuickBooks Online. This allows TSheets users to track and approve time from right inside QBO (which is awesome by the way), but did you know that there were other major changes to the regular time tracking feature? That’s right, the development team has streamlined the user interface for time-tracking only users and added additional functionality to the platform.

Time-tracking Now included in Essentials-level Subscriptions

One of the biggest changes is that time tracking has been added to Essentials-level QuickBooks subscriptions. All Essentials-level users can now add unlimited time-tracking only (TTO) users to their subscriptions for free and can use the time to create paychecks and mark them billable to customers.

Add time-tracking only users to Essentials level subscriptions in QuickBooks Online
To enable time tracking in QBO Essentials, open the Account and Settings menu from the gear icon and click on the Advanced tab on the left. You can add a service field to timesheets and make Single-Time Activity Billable to Customers. There is also the option to show or hide the billing rate to users entering time.

Time-tracking Users Get a New Look and Go Mobile!

The user interface for Time-tracking only users has a new look that is more in line with the entire QuickBooks Online look and feel. TTO users can still enter time in timesheet or single activity mode and can now view historical reports on their time.

Intuit designed the new interface to be mobile friendly and TTO users can use the browser on their mobile device to track time and view reports. Keep in mind that time tracking is not accessible through the QuickBooks mobile app at this time and must be accessed by opening a browser, navigating to and logging in.


QBO Time-tracking via a mobile device

These are big changes that I believe will benefit thousands of QuickBooks Online users and it’s just another example of how Intuit keeps upping their game by providing additional value to their existing customers.