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Did you know that you can manage many of your settings in QuickBooks Online without ever leaving a transaction screen? That’s right, ever notice the Gear icon at the top right of a transaction screen? This little gear icon opens a settings menu for the transaction type you are working with.

Let’s look at an example. On an Invoice screen, you can add or remove fields such as Shipping, Discount, or Deposit, switch from auto-numbering to custom transaction numbers and add or remove columns. If you click the link to Customize what your customers see, it opens the Custom Form Style edit screen where you can change fonts, adjust your logo placement or add some color to your forms. Once you save your changes, BAM!, you go right back to the original form that you were working in.





Most of us have learned to edit our settings using the Gear > Account and Settings but this involves opening a new tab, and several clicks to get to the right screens – way too many clicks for busy accountants and their clients. Next time, use the little gear to save yourself some time!


Transactions Screens that have a little Gear icon

Transaction Screen Settings you can access via the little gear
  • Add, edit or remove fields and columns
  • Shortcut to Custom Form Styles. Switch from automatic to custom transaction numbers
  • Show items table, Track by customer
  • Make expenses/items billable (QBO Plus Only)
Purchase Order
  • Add custom fields
  • Switch from automatic to custom transaction numbers
Time Activity/Weekly Timesheet
  • Show service
  • Make time activities billable