Zapier Workshop Syllabus

Session 1 – Introduction to Zapier


In this first session, you’ll be introduced to the power of Zapier! We’ll learn about the various features, apps supported, subscription options, and how to navigate the program. We’ll also build our first Zap!

Apps highlighted in this session: Gmail, Slack, SMS by Zapier

Subscription level needed: Free


Session 2 – Email and Zapier


In session 2, we’ll begin by learning how Zapier works with various email applications like Gmail and Outlook and how to use Zapier built-in apps to connect most any email account to Zapier. We’ll set up an automated email to collect information when a new Customer or Vendor is added to your accounting software.

We’ll continue our journey by exploring how Filters by Zapier is used to apply conditional logic to workflows. (so not EVERY customer or vendor gets an email!)

Apps highlighted in this Session: Gmail, Outlook, IMAP by Zapier, SMTP by Zapier, Email by Zapier

Subscription level needed: Standard

Session 3 – Formatter by Zapier: Part 1

Session 3 will introduce you to the endless possibilities when creating automations between the different apps you use. Formatter by Zapier is an essential tool in your automation toolbox that we’ll use to supercharge our Zap workflows by transforming and manipulating data. 

Apps highlighted in this Session: Formatter by Zapier (text), QuickBooks Online

Subscription level needed: Standard


Session 4 – Formatter by Zapier: Part 2

In session 4, we will continue learning how to use the Formatter by Zapier tool to transform our data, focusing on the numbers and utilities options. This powerful built-in tool allows you to transform data using mathematical and spreadsheet functions.

Apps highlighted in the Session: Formatter by Zapier (numbers), Stripe

Subscription level needed: Standard


Session 5 – Other Zapier Built-in Apps

Session 5 introduces you to other built-in utilities in Zapier you can use to perfectly time your automation. You’ll also learn how to parse emails to grab just the data you need to push to other applications you use with the Email Parser by Zapier tool.

Apps highlighted in the Session: Schedule by Zapier, Delay by Zapier, Push by Zapier, Email Parser by Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, Google Calendar

Subscription level needed: Standard


Session 6 – Automate your customer on-boarding

In this session, you’ll put your knowledge to the test to design a multi-step Zap automation to gather information needed from your customer and on-board them to the different apps you use in your business.  Pre-work is required for this session. An example will be demonstrated.

Apps highlighted in the Session: Google Forms, Formatter by Zapier, MailChimp, Practice Ignition, QuickBooks

Subscription level needed: Standard